Alcohol in Skincare products - Active Skin

Alcohol in Skincare products

 Alcohol in skincare products is one of those widespread internet debates, Is alcohol in skincare bad? Should it be avoided in your skincare routi...

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10 Summer Skin care tips - Active Skin

10 Summer Skin care tips

As the temperatures rise and days lengthen into balmy, summer nights, we can’t forget that our skin and it’s needs also change with the seasons. Y...

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Serum vs Moisturiser - Active Skin

Serum vs Moisturiser

What is a Skincare Serum? Serums are lighter, quick absorbing liquids used as an alternative or in addition to daily creams or lotion...

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Bamboo Extract Benefits - Active Skin

Bamboo Extract Benefits

The Benefits of Bamboo Extract We all want to try our best to look after ourselves. Whether this is our physical or mental wellbeing. There are a n...

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