How often should you use a Face Mask?

Face Mask Woman

How often should you use a face mask? 

Face masks in skincare are one of the oldest beauty routines in the world, ancient people used fruit and other natural remedies, while today we use the latest scientific beauty methods. There is no doubt that Face masks are one of the best ways to get your skin feeling fresh and healthy.
There are many various types of masks out there that will assist different types of skin and use a variety of ingredients, such as our  Contoured Face Mask which has higher absorption rates. 
Face masks are made to have a simple application process that most women are familiar with. Although, the big question...How often should you use a face mask?

How often?

Some women use masks as a treat, to be used when you deserve it or have some time. Luckily, you can treat yourself regularly at home and many masks are very affordable with minimal application time!
You can use most face masks daily. We know life can get busy, so its always a bit difficult to do this daily, so we always recommend 1-3 days a week usage, if possible.

Another factor is the type of face mask and your skin's requirements, if your skin is dry then the Hydration based masks can be used a little more regularly than an exfoliation mask. As mentioned, 1-3 days per week for most masks is the best option. Applying regular masks will ensure that you will receive the full benefits and your skin will glow.

What time of day should you use a face mask?

This is more dependant on your schedule as well. Ideally, you would like to do it in the morning to start your day fresh and feeling great. While others do it in the evening before sleep! 

2 Important Beauty tips!

  1. Many women leave the mask on longer than directed, however, doing this may reverse the benefits of the face mask and end up leaving your skin irritated if left on too long. Most masks require only 15-20 minutes, however, some masks can require hours of application to get the complete benefits! Set that timer and make sure you follow the removal instructions, Your skin will thank you for it!
  2. Don't forget to Moisturize after you remove the face mask. Rinse off the mask and apply a moisturizer so that your skin won't dry up. If you are looking for a great moisturizer, we would recommend our Hyularonic or Collagen products.
Face masks do require a bit of time and effort, although, the effort is definitely worth it! Implementing a face mask beauty routine once a week or more will have your skin looking amazing and most important feeling amazing!