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Hyaluronic Food Supplement Liquid - 60ml


Hyaluronic acid is a healthy alternative for fighting the effects of aging … and the good news is that it’s inexpensive & natural. Hyaluronic acid is a non-sulfated glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout the body in the connective, epithelial, and neural tissues.

It is one of the chief components of the extracellular matrix and contributes significantly to cell proliferation and migration. The average person has roughly 15 grams of Hyaluronic acid in their body, one third of which is lost and replaced each day.

Hyaluronic acid was first used commercially in 1942 when Endre Balazs applied for a patent to use it as a substitute for egg white in bakery products. He went on to become the leading expert on Hyaluronic Acid, and made the majority of discoveries concerning Hyaluronic Acid. Columns of fibres made up mostly of collagen and elastin and this network of fibres forms the molecular sponge known as connective tissue support from below the surface layers of the skin. The spaces within this sponge are filled with a composition of water, protein complexes, and Hyaluronic Acid. This jelly-like complex transports essential nutrients from the bloodstream, via the capillaries in your skin.

We’re all exposed to free radicals through daily exposure to UV rays and environmental pollutants, which inevitably degrades and destroys Hyaluronic acid. HA begins to decrease in your early 20s and this accelerates when you hit 40. (In fact, 50 year olds are estimated to have less than half the Hyaluronic acid of people in their 20s.) There is a decrease in the amount of Hyaluronic fluid and its synthesis, which in turn leads to a decrease in intra-cellular fluid. This results in skin that is drier and more vulnerable to damage.

Hyaluronic acid attracts and holds water, which is what plumps your skin so that wrinkles and lines are less visible. Hyaluronic acid is vital to:

    • Curb premature wrinkling
    • Increase skin hydration
    • Keep skin moist and smooth
    • Boost skin elasticity
    • Enhance collagen synthesis
    • Nourish healthy skin cell growth
    • Promote firm skin tone
    • Support healthier joints

INGREDIENTS:  Hyaluronic Acid in Pure Water 

SUPPLEMENT FACTS:  Serving Size - 2 full droppers (20 mg Hyaluronic Acid)

SUGGESTED USE:   As a Dietary Supplement take 2 full droppers twice daily.

Servings per bottle if used as recomm - 30

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