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Detoxi-Pads™ are made from all-natural ingredients without any synthetic chemicals. They are a revolutionary health product from Japan, being the culmination of centuries of knowledge known to the Japanese, and have been passed down through the generations. The Detox Pads are reputed to relieve fatigue, joint pain, headaches, skin rashes, and many other health problems.

Applying pads is like receiving 24 hours of reflexology treatment. Reflexology is an ancient healing art, using a specialised version of compression and touch that focuses on the feet. Reflex points in the feet reflect the entire body, and stimulating these reflex points promotes equilibrium in the corresponding area of the body.

According to oriental medicine, your body has over 360 acupuncture points with more than 60 points being on the soles of your feet. The sole of the foot is considered to be the second most sensitive area of the body next to the heart. When applied to your feet, stimulation from the natural ingredients causes pores to open and then draws out via the skin.

Apply Detoxi-Pads™ to the bottom of both feet, before bed & wake feeling totally refreshed the following morning. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations! Detoxi-Pads™ are the original foot patch from Japan, containing more than 80% of the active ingredient (Wood & Bamboo Vinegar).


Additional information-

Whats included?

5 night use of Detoxi Pads

How do you use them?

Apply to the bottom of your feet before going to bed and remove the next morning. Make sure you take a look at the Toxin's that were removed as well!

INGREDIENTS:  Wood and Bamboo Vinegar, Chitin, Chitosan, Loquat Leaf, Dokudami, Vitamin C, Dextrin

Box includes 10 pads + 10 adhesives + brochure

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