Active Skin

Active Skin Fragranced Bath Salts


After 17 years of selling these products directly to consumers, we would like to advise that due to COVID-19 restrictions, these products will now be available online.

Do you have that tired and achy feeling after a long day or you look forward to running that warm water during the winter cold? 

You're going to love the Active Skin Bath Salts. These salts are perfect for soothing sore, dry skin on your hands, feet, lower back, or anywhere else in need of some love and attention. This blend is made up of Epsom salt, sea salt to detoxify the body while you relax in the tub. Along with these salts, we have added lavender essential oil to relieve depression and anxiety naturally!

Add this relaxing scent as well as two handfuls to a bathtub's worth of water for an experience you'll be sure to remember!

* For our regular purchasers and wholesale accounts, please continue to order via your secure link as previously used.

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